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Fun Activities to Treat Yourself to in Burbank, California

Burbank is a city that is located in the county of Los Angeles, and in this exciting part of the state, there is no shortage of fun things to indulge in. Are you planning a trip to Burbank, California? Then you simply must add these fun activities to your itinerary.

1. Universal Studios Hollywood

Ah, the silver screen. Universal Studios Hollywood brings the magic of cinema to visitors as they learn more about how films are made and enjoy the thrilling theme park in conjunction with the studio. Most of this great location is located on an island known as Universal City, although a portion is located within the limits of Los Angeles. So if you are traveling to Burbank, be sure to stop off and enjoy all that Universal Studios Hollywood has to offer.

2. The Walt Disney Studios

Most of us have seen at least one magical Disney film, and a large number of us have even seen them all! And if you are a Disney fan, you can’t skip out on The Walt Disney Studios when you find yourself in Burbank. Located within this town, this is the headquarters of Disney and an excellent place for tours and learning more about the films we all grew up watching. Ride amazing and fun rides, stop off to eat a delicious meal with your family and prepare to lose a day or two to soak up all that this studio has to offer.

3. Travel Town Museum

Some of the best activities within a city are trips to museums dedicated to special and unique subjects. The Travel Town Museum is one of these fabulous museums serving those of Burbank and allows visitors to learn tons of fun facts about trains. Stop in to browse the exhibits and even witness the various locomotives and train cars that are on display.

4. Wildwood Canyon Park

Burbank, California is a beautiful and picturesque part of the state. When in this area, nature lovers owe it to themselves to get out and enjoy the sites of the sunny California location of Wildwood Canyon Park. Those who enjoy hiking will be able to challenge themselves with the steep mountain hiking trails while those sporting cameras will be treated to the most gorgeous shot opportunities. Be sure to bring a lunch with you to enjoy while you are there – you are going to want to stay a while.

5. Descanso Gardens

Another beautiful location that serves the Burbank area, Descanso Gardens stretches across 150 acres and allows visitors to take in the stunning sights of flowers, oak trees, plants, wildlife, and more. Relax and pose for pictures by the water features on site, and unwind for a bite to eat with your friends and family inside of their casual cafe.

In conclusion, Burbank is a gorgeous and bustling part of Los Angeles County with many fun activities to treat yourself to. Indulge in these great locations while you are in Burbank – you’ll truly make memories as you make the most of your trip.

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