About The Temple City National Little League in CA

The first annual community Christmas party was held in Temple City, which sold out well before the date. The event featured tasty food and Santa Claus! The event also celebrated Josette Temple, granddaughter of the city’s founder. Josette Temple and her husband, Santa, were the honored guests. The Woman’s Club hosted the event to celebrate Josette’s contributions to the community. She was an honoree at the event.

The Al Millham Memorial Tournament is an annual charity baseball event that honors a local community leader. The tournament, which was created in 1996, features 24 players from 12 different teams. The tournament is named in memory of the late Al Millham, who was president of the Temple City Little League in 1968 and treasurer in 1969. Bill also served on the city’s traffic commission and helped out with the Temple City National Little League.

Jack Dawson has been a part of the community since 1959. He served on the board of Temple City National Little League and coached the teams his boys played on. In addition to playing baseball, he was a founding member of the YMCA and led the Indian Guides and Frontiersmen. He was also a leader in the Little Princesses, designed floats for the Camellia Festival Parade, and served as Medicine Man for the Indian Guides. He wore a buffalo headdress with horns.

Founded in 1931, the Temple City National Little League offers a variety of athletic opportunities. Games are held on weekdays and weekends. Teams play each other on a seasonal basis. In 2017, Temple City and La Canada played for the Rio Hondo League championship. The city also took home the Rio Hondo League title for the second time in three years. While the Rio Hondo League is a small league, the Kare Youth League has been serving the greater San Gabriel Valley since 1931. The program combines athletics with educational opportunities and camping experiences.

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