About The Temple City Park in CA

If you love to spend time outdoors, Temple City Park is an ideal destination. This historic park is a 4.5-mile trek through the San Gabriel Mountains. The park features a variety of recreational classes, including recreation for tots, aerobics, cardio-kickboxing, tap, ballet, and self-defense. Classes also cover flower arranging and mini-sports. Youth are also well catered to with teen dances, summer camps, and an auxiliary dance/drill team.

The Women’s Club of Temple City first organized the Camellia Festival in 1944. It began as a small parade of young children tossing camellia blossoms. Today, the Camellia Festival draws more than 20,000 visitors to the area every year. In addition to the Camellia Festival, the park is host to a carnival with games and food booths. Visitors can also enjoy live musical performances and art shows.

The city of Temple City has three public parks, each with its own distinct characteristics and amenities. Temple City Park is the third-largest in the city and is ideal for running, walking, and practicing yoga. The park offers ample green space for picnicking, sunbathing, and yogasanas, and offers a variety of annual events, such as a free summer concert series. However, you should note that alcohol and umbrellas are not permitted at the park.

The original townsite corresponds to the area bounded by Garibaldi Avenue on the north, Baldwin Avenue on the east, and Live Oak Avenue on the south. Encinitas Avenue, which runs parallel to Las Tunas Drive, is another historic site for the town. In 1923, the city’s first mayor, Walter P. Temple, purchased 400 acres of land from Lucky Baldwin’s Rancho Santa Anita.

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