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Everything About Dallas Love Field Airport

Dallas Love Field Airport has long been a staple of the Dallas area. In fact, for many years it was the primary airport that was used by those in the region. It wasn’t until 1974 that another airport took the scene, but one of its primary airlines, Southwest Airlines, has continued to make it their home headquarters. If you have ever had the pleasure to visit this airport, then you know that locally it is seen as almost being iconic.

It is located only 6 miles from downtown Dallas, making it rather easy for those in the city to travel to. Like many other airports around the country, this airport is actually owned by the city in which it resides. In this past year over 230,000 flights flew in and out of the airport carrying over 16 million passengers. While it isn’t doesn’t have the most traffic in the nation, it does rank among the top airports in the nation.

One fact that many people are not aware of is that it was actually named after a member of the airforce. He had died when his plane crashed in San Diego, California in 1913. He was actually only the 10th fatality in the short history of the U.S. aviation at that time. The field was named after him by the U.S. military in 1917. His name was Moss L. Love and when he crashed he was practicing for his Military Aviator Test while flying a Wright Model C biplane at the time.

At the beginning of Dallas Love Field Airport, it was used as a training ground for aviators in the U.S. military. This was during WWI, the first war in which planes were active in battle and strategy. At that time it took up over 700 acres and held up to 1000 personnel at times. It had headquarters, officer’s quarters and tents in which the enlisted men resided during the time. It was one of 32 like fields around the country that served very similar purposes.

After the war had ended in 1918 there was a concern that the field would be closed. However, due to the fact that those trained there had performed exceptionally in the war, there was much debate about the issue. Additionally, the weather in the area was ideal for continued flight training. It was no longer used for flight training between the two world wars, temporarily acted as a storage facility.

Fortunately, visionaries continued to see its potential and in 1927 it was purchased by the city of Dallas. By 1932 construction began to create an airport that would be able to service local civilians. Air travel had become increasingly safe and popular, leading to a higher demand for the service. It was also known that having this service would help to grow the local economy.

In short, the airport has one of the longest histories in the United States. Just about everyone has heard of it, even if they have never traveled through it before.

Spending A Day At The Dallas World Aquarium

Are you looking for an indoor activity you can enjoy while you’re in Dallas? Whether you’re trying to beat the heat or avoid the rain, it can be smart to have some attractions on your itinerary that are entirely indoors. Spending the day at the Dallas World aquarium can be a great idea.

The Temperatures Are Always Comfortable

In the summer, the temperatures in Dallas can be sweltering. However, this building is air-conditioned, which means it won’t feel hot at all. If you happen to be in Dallas on a chilly day, you can expect the aquarium to be nice and warm.

Since there are a number of animals here, it’s important that the temperatures are managed appropriately. No matter what the weather is like when you’re in Dallas, you’ll know that the temperatures will be as pleasant as long as you’re at the aquarium.

This Is A Great Attraction For People Of All Ages

If you have children traveling with you, they’ll absolutely love the aquarium. Even if everyone in your group is adults, however, this is a fantastic place to visit. There is a lot of beauty to appreciate here, and it’s a place that people can enjoy regardless of their age.

It can be hard to find enjoyable activities if you’re traveling in a group with people of many ages. This is one attraction that’s going to please everyone. Whether someone is young, old, or somewhere in between, they’ll love the aquarium.

It’s An Educational Activity

Sometimes, spending the day at an attraction can feel like a waste of time. While there is nothing wrong with indulging yourself and having some fun, visiting a place such as an aquarium can actually be enriching. This is a highly educational activity, and everyone that visits it will learn something about aquatic life while they’re here.

If you’re looking for educational things to do while you’re in Dallas, why not look into the aquarium? If you investigate the aquarium, you’ll be to learn more about the displays here and everything that the facility can teach you.

It’s A Beautiful Place To Be

Some of the most beautiful creatures in the entire world live deep beneath the water. While you’d never have the opportunity to see this marine life during your normal life, you’ll be able to see all of these creatures in their natural habitat when you’re at the aquarium.

This is a stunning place, and you’ll be blown away by the beauty of some of the fish that you see. It’s likely that you’ll want to take plenty of pictures while you’re here, and you might want to shoot a few videos as well! You don’t see sights this stunning every day.

If you’re hoping to spend a day at the Dallas World Aquarium, you should take a closer look at the aquarium and everything that it offers. This is one of the most popular attractions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and it’s clear to see why. You’ll love touring the aquarium and seeing the exhibits.

Why You Should Visit The Texas Discovery Gardens In Dallas

While there are plenty of spectacular attractions in the Dallas area, there are a few specific sights you’ll want to make sure you see. You should set aside some time to visit the Texas Discovery Gardens. These beautiful gardens are something you won’t want to miss.

There’s A Lot To See

These gardens are anything but small. They’re large in size and scale, and you’ll be able to spend a lot of time looking at everything that they have to offer. In fact, you could easily spend an entire day here.

If you do wind up visiting these gardens, you’ll have a lot of time exploring and browsing through the different plants that can be found here. It’s an especially great place to go with a group; you can point out specific plants and help people to spot things that they would have missed.

It’s Perfect If You Want To Enjoy The Weather

It can be extremely hot in Texas during the summer, but if you’re in Dallas during the winter, you might find the weather to be fairly pleasant. If you want to enjoy the weather you’re experiencing, you should make time for outdoor activities like these gardens.

When you’re here, you’ll be able to enjoy sunshine and warm weather. If you don’t want to be cooped up indoors, you don’t have to be. You can spend your day walking around outside at these gardens. You won’t have to go inside until you’re ready to cool off.

It’s A Fantastic Place To Snap Some Pictures

When you’re done visiting Dallas, you’ll want to be sure you have some photos that you can use to remember your trip. When you’re here, you’ll find lots of natural light that will produce spectacular photos. You’ll also see lots of beautiful plants that will make the perfect backdrop for a photo.

You don’t have to scramble around the city looking for photo opportunities. You can get all of the pictures you need while you’re here. This is a wonderful place to take pictures. You might want to frame some of the photographs you take here when you get back home.

It’s A Nice Place To Relax

Sometimes, visiting a new area can be a little bit stressful. Even though vacations are supposed to be fun, you might feel a lot of pressure to see lots of sights in the area.

If you need a little bit of a break, you’ll be able to get that here. This is a pleasant place, and you’ll be able to get some relaxation in while you’re here. You won’t have to focus on your worries. You can just sit on a bench and enjoy all of the beauty around you.

If you weren’t planning on visiting the Texas Discovery Gardens while you were in Dallas, you should try to make a little bit of time for this attraction in your itinerary. This is an extremely popular local attraction, and it’s easy to see why. People love admiring these gardens, and you will too.

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