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Top Two Dog Friendly Parks In Euless, Texas

In the world today there are a wide variety of people that live alone, with their pets. Sure, they visit their friends daily and weekly, but they actually prefer to have their own home, along with a dog, to keep them company. This can create problems if you live in a small house with no yard, or an apartment. People in those situations benefit greatly from a new trend in many cities called dog friendly parks, or just simply doggy parks. Here are the two top doggy parks in Euless, Texas.

Euless Dog Park

This is a very spacious park with lots of room to let your dog run loose. Many of the regular visitors mention that it’s well kept and clean. This is an important factor since too much excrement can become a hazard to dogs and owners alike. The park has a homey atmosphere with lots of friendly dog owners with their companions on various days.

Another great feature is that this park has two separate areas, one for dogs up to 20 pounds, and another for dogs over that amount. This helps the smaller dogs not be overwhelmed by the huge dogs many times their size. The entire park is fenced to keep dogs from getting into the street and there are drinking fountains for dogs and humans too.

A double gate feature also helps keep dogs from escaping as one gate must close before the other can open. There are also receptacles for dog waste with free plastic bags for those that need them. Everyone is encouraged to help keep the park clean and usable for all.

Bear Creek Dog Bark

This park can be a bit hidden and isn’t very well known but comes highly praised in the online reviews. It is very well taken care of and clean with the two separate fenced areas for both small and large dogs. They do separate the sizes at 40 lbs. which is a little high, but it’s flexible too. There are even separate bathing areas with hoses inside the two fenced sections so that you can bathe your dog without problems. The entrance to the park is double gated for security.

The 3 acre park has plenty of benches, many under shade, where dog owners can sit together while their dogs play and there are also lots of very friendly people as well. Human and doggy water fountains are spread throughout for your dog to get plenty of drinks. Since nearly every inch of the park has nice grass, dogs don’t get caked with mud at all. This park is very well reviewed online with the hours of operation and directions to get there.

Rules Apply For Best Experiences

There are some common dog park rules that everyone needs to know for the safety and convenience of all. Puppies under 4 months of age shouldn’t be brought to the park at all, every dog should have all of its vaccinations up to date. And all owners need to pick up after their dogs to maintain cleanliness, plus aggressive dogs should be left home if they fight.

Having a nearby dog friendly park helps both the dogs and their owners have a better quality of life. There they can each meet plenty of nice companions with similar interests and enjoy the great out of doors.

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