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Mesquite Texas – Home Town Feel – Exciting Adventures

Just east of Dallas lies the incredible city of Mesquite, Texas. The city is the self-proclaimed Rodeo Capital of Texas and is home to the Mesquite Championship Rodeo grounds. The summer is packed with rodeos and country-western activities to entertain not only the citizens of Mesquite but for the thousands of Texas visitors that swarm to the grounds.

Adventure Seekers Flock To Mesquite

The rodeo is not the only fun thing to do in Mesquite. Are you an adventure lover and looking for your next reckless adventure? Head over to the Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing Experience and feel the power. You get to take the wheel of a real dirt racing car and fly around the dirt track. Don’t worry, the team of trainers will make sure you know what you’re doing and get you strapped in for safety.

Do you still want to get the blood pumping fast? Your next stop should be Trinity Forest Park Adventure where you can go zip-lining. But before you zip-line, you may want to navigate the tightrope, walk across the shaking bridge, and overcome their other amazing obstacles.

Time For Mesquite Still Meal

With a name like Mesquite, you know the food has to be fantastic in the city. Drop into Mesquite BBQ and fill your belly with their ribs, okra, and stuffed baked potatoes. They have been serving up their secret BBQ sauce and smoked delights for nearly 60 years.

If you’re needing a lighter snack, stop at the Bull’s Pen Café, another local favorite that draws people for all over the area. Their menu is packed with comfort foods with the highlight being their incredible chicken fried steak.

Escaping Mesquite Isn’t Easy

After you get your stomach filled, it is time to take on your next adventure in Mesquite, Texas, but it might make it a little hard to leave. XCape Adventures Mesquite features themed “escape rooms” where you have to overcome challenges and creepy settings to move forward through their exciting adventure.

Once you escape from your confinement, it is time to get an overview of the city by taking the yoke of an airplane into your hands. Drive out to Mesquite Aviation and sign-up for an inexpensive lesson in a small airplane to experience flying with the help of an instructor. You can see Mesquite from the air and fall in love with the city even more.

Time To Slow Down And Enjoy Mesquite

There is always something to do in Mesquite, but sometimes it nice to slow down a bit. The city is packed with parks where you can go to relax, play games, and let the kids enjoy the playground equipment.

Some of the parks feature lakes, swimming pools, hiking paths, and sports fields to help your family stay active while enjoying the great outdoors.

Mesquite, Texas is not just a great place to visit. It maintains a small town feeling and closeness that is perfect for raising a family. If you are looking for a great place to settle down in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, check out Mesquite. You will be glad you did.

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