About The Jesse Allen Park in Newark, NJ

The Central Ward of Newark, New Jersey, is getting a major recreational and landscaping makeover. The project is part-funded by the state’s Green Acres Program and includes a water play area, basketball courts, exercise course, game tables, and new landscaping. This project will also provide walking paths for park users. Among the improvements will be a new playground and walking trails. In addition to the new playground, the park will also be outfitted with a new water spray park.

The second-largest city-owned park in Newark, Jesse Allen Park serves approximately 18,000 people in a half-mile radius and is a popular spot for local children. The park was made possible through a partnership between the DEP’s Green Acres Program and the Trust for Public Land. The city also contributed $1.2 million to the park’s construction. In addition, the Boys & Girls Club of Newark was awarded a $200000 grant to support its youth programming.

Today, Jesse Allen Park in Newark is a green space with welcoming park benches and plenty of room for people to exercise and relax. And thanks to the trust of The Trust for Public Land and the City of Newark, the park is now a community oasis that encourages the community to come together. The park has also become a “mecca for the opportunity,” thanks to the city’s partnership with the nonprofit organization, Project USE.

The Friends of Jesse Allen Park are working to renovate the park. The nonprofit company Parks for People – Trust Newark, a local nonprofit, has organized residents to help with the project. They have sent out surveys, attended community meetings, and engaged in various community groups. The group has even set up a “Friends of Jesse Allen Park” organization. This group works to improve the space by improving community relations and transforming the perception of the Central Ward.

A few landmarks within Jesse Allen Park are the Newark City Hall and the Queen of Angels Church. These are both located within three miles of the park. In addition, Queen of Angels Church, a historic Black Catholic church, is located at Belmont Avenue and Morton Street in Newark, New Jersey. In addition to Jesse Allen Park, the neighborhood surrounding Halsey Street is known as Teachers Village. It is a diverse community centered around a park in the middle of Newark.

The trust for Public Land, the nonprofit group that works to restore parks, has helped build a fitness zone in the park. In addition to the gym, the Trust for Public Land has installed several playgrounds and basketball courts in the park. The Trust for Public Land’s Hometown Huddle, which is a day of service organized by the NFL, celebrated the new addition to Jesse Allen Park. The Trust for Public Land and United Way of Essex and West Hudson was present at the Hometown Huddle and invited guests to speak.

The new skate park is the first phase of a three-phase project in Jesse Allen Park. It is the first part of a three-phase renovation project. Phase two will include basketball and tennis courts and a playground for children. In the long term, he hopes to see a huge turnout, including a more diverse skate park. And in the short term, he hopes that this skate park will be an excellent destination for kids and adults alike.

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