Mold Testing

When You Should Get Your Home Tested for Mold

Mold can become a big problem in your home when you have mold testing conducted. Whether you notice mold growing in your basement, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room or any other room, mold testing is vital to keep you and your family safe from harmful mold. It’s important for mold remediation in homes with mold because mold removal is best left to trained professionals who are experienced in mold removal. If mold in your home is not dealt with properly it can make your health and the health of your family worse.

Mold, also known as mildew, is an organic fungus that grows on wet things like carpet, drywall, upholstered furniture and leaky pipes. Most people are unaware that they have a mold problem until the mold has made it’s way through the walls and into the living areas. Mold plays an essential role in nature by breaking down deceased organic matter including fallen trees and leaves; mold is a natural component of the indoor air quality in most homes. Mildew is the most common type of mold and is usually found on moldy wood surfaces. Mold removal is often necessary if the mold infestation is extensive.

Mold Growth in Your House

mold testing technicianThe most common mold growth you may find in your home is mold that grows on the ceiling or on the walls. Some other types of mold growth, you may notice include white or green mold, black mold, and fuzzy mold. Each type of mold is different and can pose unique dangers to your family and health. A mold inspection is important to stop these potential mold problems before they become mold remediation problems.

There are many mold removal techniques, mold remediation tips and mold removal products available to homeowners. Mold should never be cut or torn, because the spores will easily travel to other rooms. Mold growth that has taken hold on drywall should be removed by a mold professional right away. In general, mold grows best where there is dampness or moisture, so walls with visible mold spots need to be thoroughly cleaned. If you find mold on the ceiling or underneath drywall, a mold remediation company will likely need to be called.

When considering mold testing, mold removal, and mold abatement, it’s important to find out what kinds of mold are out there. Mold has different types, and each one poses different threats to your family and health. You should make mold testing and mold removal a priority after you have noticed it. You want to get rid of whatever it is that’s causing you problems so that you and your family can breathe easier.

DIY Mold Testing

There are mold testing kits available that can help identify the mold issue that you’re dealing with. These kits contain different kinds of mold identification chemicals to better identify the mold that you have. It’s critical that mold remediation experts use the appropriate mold testing kits for the type of mold issue that they are dealing with. Different mold types will have different testing requirements, and not all mold testers are aware of which mold testing kits to use when resolving an issue. This makes it extremely important to work with a mold remediation professional who is familiar with the different mold types that you might have.

Once mold testing is completed, mold inspectors will be able to give you a detailed report detailing what has been done. Your mold inspector can go over the findings with you, and you can then determine whether further action needs to be taken. It’s important to work with a mold inspector who is experienced in handling mold remediation situations, especially if you live in a metropolitan area where there could be a mold issue. If you live in a rural area, then it’s likely that mold inspectors are not as common, but that doesn’t mean that they are not valuable.

Samples can be collected from areas within your home as well as from outside the house. Mold inspectors will usually provide samples as part of their standard inspection, although some mold remediation companies might also include mold testing as part of their service. It’s important to follow the mold inspection process as closely as possible, because mold inspections are one of the most important aspects of mold remediation. The mold inspection team should first gather a large number of samples, so that they can perform all of the necessary testing to identify the mold issue that you have.

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