About The Burger’s Lake in Fort Worth, TX

If you’ve ever wondered what to do in Fort Worth, consider going on a weekend trip to Burger’s Lake. There are many things to do around the lake, but this article focuses on what you can do before you go. You’ll find that there’s plenty to do around the lake, whether you’re planning a picnic, a walk, or a swim. Read on to learn about the different activities available.

One of the best things about Burger’s Lake is the water. It’s about a half-acre body of water with diving boards, slides, and a trapeze. The lake is well-maintained, and you’ll find plenty of grass. If you’re in the mood to get a little wild, the park also has a snack bar, restrooms, and dressing rooms. It’s a bit pricey, but the grounds are immaculate and there are no alcohol or pets permitted, so this is an excellent choice for a family day out.

Families looking for a great day out with the kids should visit Burger’s Lake. The park’s water is spring-fed, and it is a great place to spend an afternoon with the kids. There are also diving boards and a crazy trapeze swing that will have everyone in the family smiling. You’ll need to make a reservation if you want to enjoy the park’s amenities. Reservations are highly recommended and can save you up to $5 per person if made at least two days in advance. The park is a Fort Worth icon and has been around since the late 1920s.

For families, a visit to Burger’s Lake is ideal for a family reunion, birthday celebration, or group event. The chilly spring water makes it the perfect combination of lake and swimming pool. There’s a slide for kids to try, a 25-foot trapeze for thrill-seekers, and a diving board. The park is very popular, so get there early, and plan your trip accordingly. You’ll find lots of shade and plenty of recreational opportunities to play sports.

Families can spend a fun day on the lake amidst the beauty of the area. The park is open daily from 9 am to 7 pm, but it does not allow alcohol. If you’re planning to spend the day by the lake, bring your own picnic items or even cook some food at the park’s concession stand. For those who prefer a picnic, there is also a concession stand where you can buy sandwiches, hot dogs, and sodas.

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