About The Bonnie Wenk Park in McKinney, TX

If you’re looking for a good dog park, look no further than Bonnie Wenk Park Dog Area. This dog park is an ideal place to let your pup run free and play off-leash. The park is open every day and closes 30 minutes after sunset. Dog owners should be aware that this is a public facility, so they should always keep a leash on their pet’s neck. Also, owners should clean up after their dogs after going into the fenced-in area. The parking lot can fill up quickly, so you should plan on spending a good portion of your day here. Parking on the street is not permitted.

If you’re looking for a dog park in McKinney, TX, then Bonnie Wenk Park should be your top choice. This dog park is located within the 26-acre Bonnie Wenk Park and features two fenced-in areas for small dogs and large dogs. There are also restrooms located nearby, and you can wash your pup at the park’s showers and sinks. Bonnie Wenk Park is a great choice for families looking for a dog park in the area.

The park has separate play areas for small and large dogs. The small dogs must weigh under 25 pounds to qualify. There are also benches and splash pads for your dog to enjoy. The park is shaded, and there is plenty of space to relax. A dog park is a great place for a family to take their pooch for a walk or just to walk around the park with their pet. If you’re looking for a dog park, you’ve come to the right place!

While the park is popular with dog owners, it also has a soccer field and a newly-remodeled playground. Early morning dog walkers, joggers, and cyclists frequent the park. Fire and police officers are also frequent visitors. The park does not provide dog waste bags. Most people aren’t responsible for picking up after their pets. Therefore, the dog park has no designated place for pet owners to wash their hands.

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